Urban Markets manage a range of markets and provide services and stallholders for events - land release open days, large festivals and tourism associations.   

Please contact us should you like our large range of stallholders to attend your event. 

(images are a selection from all of our events, not necessarily the event listed above)

Please email us your expression of interest in the following events. 

Bacchus Marsh Strawberry and Cherry Festival  - 16-18th November 2018  - Food vendors have been allocated for this event. 

Eynesbury Market  Monthly 
Atherstone Twilight Market - October to April 
Harpley Twilight Market - October to April

Bacchus Marsh Harvest Festival - 10th March 2019  - Food vendors from Moorabool shire will be selected prior to other vendors. 
Greek and Mediterranean  Festival - St Anne's Winery - 17th  March 2019
Eynesbury Festival - April 

Cars, Food and Wine, St Anne's Winery - 21st April 2019
Top Dog, St Anne's Winery - 9th September 2018  - Food vendors have been selected for this event. 



 Eynesbury Market 

487 Eynesbury Road, Eynesbury  
Eynesbury Farmers Market  4th Sunday of each month 

Next Market 24th June
Eynesbury Market  9.00am - 2.00pm

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Atherstone Twilight Market  

2nd Saturday of each month  Returns in October 2018
4.00pm - 9.00pm

We are working to create family friendly events at new estates with food trucks and twilight markets.

  These are not fully hand made markets but they will allow high quality goods and services to be available.  
Atherstone is in Melton South (just by Tabcorp Park).

Harpley Twilight Market  – WyndhamVale. - returns October 2018

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                  17th & 18th NOVEMBER 2018

Expressions of interest for 2018 
2 day bookings will be given sites first
all food vendors for this event have been booked. 


Bacchus Marsh Harvest Festival
 10th March 2019   
Expressions of interest here



Eynesbury Festival

6th April 2019 

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We want our Artisans and Farmers markets to have well made items, are genuinely handmade or grown by the people that sell at our markets. Our aim is to encourage people to buy well made items, and appreciate the work that goes into them and enjoy life's pleasures and maybe discover new food, crafts and activities.
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